Xenodermatidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Xenodermatidae (Strange-skinned Snakes)
Family Xenodermatidae. Snakes characterized by dorsal scales that are not overlapping but embedding in the interstitial skin, hardly touching each other. One species is known from northern Thailand.

 Parafimbrios lao. This species can be easily distinguished by the way each ventral shield articulates with both a normally-sized dorsal scale and with a much enlarged one. A-B. The only living specimen thus far reported from Thailand. In November 2016 it was found in evergreen forest at about 1400 m asl in Nan Province. Only recently (2015) it was discovered in northern Laos and described as a new species. Now it is known from six specimens from Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. Not all of those specimens show a white collar as seen in the living Thai specimen in the picture above.