Colubridae-4-M-O-Check List snakes northern Thailand

48. Oligodon cinereus
49. Oligodon sp.
50. Oligodon cyclurus
51. Oligodon fasciolatus
52. Oligodon cf fasciolatus.
53. Oligodon inornatus (no picture)
54. Oligodon joynsoni
55. Oligodon mouhoti
56. Oligodon sp.
57. Oligodon taeniatus
58a. Oreocryptophis porphyracea porphyracea, the Red Mountain Racer. Colorful mountain snake that can reach a length of about 110 cm. Juveniles (A, B, D) are bright red with black crossbars, in adults the bright red becomes dark, brick red, as do the crossbars, however, black lines still show the contours of the original pattern (C). It is widespread throughout the northern region at elevation more than 900 m asl. A. Juvenile from Omkoi District, Chiang Mai. B. Juvenile from Nan’s Tha Wang Pha District. C. Showing coloration of dult specimen from Umphang District, Tak. D. Juvenile from Umphang District, Tak.
58b. Oreocryptophis porphyracea coxi. This striped-subspecies of the Red Mountain Racer is known to occur in Loei (Northeast Thailand) and the adjacent mountains of the northern region. I came across it in the Lom Kao District of Phetchabun and Nakhon Thai District of Phitsanulok.
59. Orthriophis taeniurus (helfenbergeri)