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Colubridae-1-A-C-Check list snakes northern Thailand

An illustrated checklist of the whip snakes (Ahaetulla), cat-eyed snakes (Boiga), reed snakes (Calamaria), tree snakes (Chrysopelea) and racers (Coelognathus) that are known to occur in northern Thailand.

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Colubridae-2-D-G-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Illustrated check list of Colubrid snakes in the genera Dendrelaphis (bronze backs), Dinodon (wolf snakes), Dryocalamus (bridle snakes), Dryophiops (whip snakes), Gongylosoma (ground snakes), Gonyosoma (racers, rat snakes)

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Colubridae-3-H-L-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Species of Colubrid snakes in the genera Liopeltis (ring necks) and Lycodon (wolf snakes) that occur in northern Thailand, such as Lycodon capucinus, Lycodon fasciatus, Lycodon laoensis and Lycodon subcinctus

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Colubridae-4-M-O-Check List snakes northern Thailand

About 12 species of snakes in the Colubrid genera Oligodon, Oreocryptophis and Orthriophis occur in northern Thailand, such as the Banded Kukri Snake (Oligodon fasciolatus), the Red Mountain racer (Oreocryptophis porphyracea) and the Cave Racer (Orthriophis taeniurus).

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Colubridae-5-P-S-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Descriptions and pictures of the Colubrid snakes Plagiopholis nuchalis, the sand snake Psammophis indochinensis, the rat snakes Ptyas carinata, P. korros, P. mucosa and P. nigromarginata and the blackhead Sibynophis collaris which have been recorded in northern Thailand

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Cylindrophiidae-Check list northern Thailand

Only 1 species in the family Cylindrophiidae (pipe snakes) occurs in northern Thailand, Cylindrophis jodiae.

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Elapidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Illustrated Check List of Elapid snakes in northern Thailand. Bungarus candidus, Bungarus fasciatus, Bungarus multicinctus, Calliophis maculiceps, Naja kaouthia, Naja siamensis, Ophiophagus hannah, Sinonicrurus macclellandii

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Homalopsidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Homalopsidae (mud snakes). Six species are known to occur in northern Thailand, Enhydris plumbea (Yellow-bellied Water Snake) being the most widespread and common one.

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Natricidae-Illustrated check list snakes northern Thailand

About 12 species of snakes from the family Natricidae occur in northern Thailand.

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Pareidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Four species of snail-eating snakes from the family Pareidae occur in northern Thailand: Pareas carinatus, Pareas hamptoni, Pareas macularius, Pareas margaritophorus

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Pythonidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Three species of pythons are known to occur in northern Thailand: Broghammerus reticulatis, Python molurus and Python brongersmai

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Snakes northern Thailand—illustrated checklist

An illustrated checklist of the more than 90 species of snakes that occur in northern Thailand.

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Typhlopidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

At least 4 species from the family Typhlopidae (blind snakes) occur in northern Thailand: Indotyphlops albiceps, White-headed Blind Snake, Indotyphlops braminus, Flowerpot Snake, Argyrophis diardii, Diard’s Blind Snake, Typhlops porrectus

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Viperidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

The family Viperidae consists of vipers and pit-vipers. About 10 species occur in northern Thailand. such as the dangerous Siamese Russel’s Viper and Malayan Pit-viper, and the green pit-vipers of the genus Trimeresurus.

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Xenodermatidae-Check list snakes northern Thailand

Only one species from the family of Xenodermatid snakes occurs in northern Thailand, Parafimbrios lao. This snake has only been reported from evergreen mountain forest at high elevation (>1300 m) in Nan Province.

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